Wondering how to use your product?


The diffuser is really easy to use, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill diffuser with about 60% - 75% with water
  2. Add 2-3 drops of fragrance to the water
  3. Close the lid, plug into USB port with the cable supplied
  4. Press once for continuous, press again for 3 second burst (allow a minute or two for the water to soak up and diffuse)
  5. Press and hold for white light, press and hold again for multi-colour dynamic light

If you are still having trouble getting your diffuser to work then please contact us through our "Contact Us" form


  • Please use clean tap water or mineral water and it is not recommended to use distilled water to affect the humidification effect.
  • Do not use whilst driving and make sure the light is not distracting you at night.
  • Make sure the water container is only loaded with no more than 90%.
  • Be careful with the connection port on the top of the diffuser as this can be fragile.
  • If spray becomes smaller or no spray this may be because the tank is empty, please fill with water.
  • If spray has odor: please determine the water quality, change the water and replace the cotton swab. It is advised to change water each day.
  • If not mixed or diluted properly the fragrance oils can start to react with the plastic. Please be careful not to add too much fragrance.